Welcome to Westchester’s first locally owned and operated vending company for healthy snacks and beverages. We are fully committed to our clients’ satisfaction by offering a better experience and trustworthy choices through our bespoke service and proven results.

Our “Why”:

We believe accessibility to healthy foods, drinks & education can help with one of the world’s top 3 largest problems. Did you know…

1 out of 3 children today will acquire diabetes in their lifetime. 33%
70 to 80 percent of overweight children become obese adults. 80%
More than 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese. 66%
A quarter of all U.S health care costs are related to obesity. 27%

the benefits of our healthy vending machine

Enjoy Convenient Access to Healthy Meals, Drinks & Snacks

Give your employees ultra-convenient “grab and go” access to healthy foods whenever they want.

Boost Productivity

When your employees eat healthy, they tend to perform better, work harder, and are more focused.

Increase Time at Work

Keep employees onsite longer and reduce the amount of “long lunches.”

Enhance Your Image

We replace your boring vending machines with a clean, modern Healthy Market, with no extra work on your part! Our machines give your location an extra “hip” vibe that your employees appreciate.

Slash Health Care Costs

Healthy eating is proven to lower health insurance costs. Savvy employers today are doing everything they can to lower these costs.

Attract and Retain Talent

Attract and retain talented employees who appreciate your commitment to their improved health and well-being.

Do the Right Thing

Having a Healthy Vending Machine is “doing the right thing” and is in your employees’ best interest!

Our Service Area

Our service area includes but is not limited to Westchester and Fairfield Counties.